Sunday, January 12, 2014

MyKuali Penang White Curry Instant Noodles

You have seen it in Facebook. You have seen it on Twitter. You read about it in the papers. You may have gone to some supermarkets or kedai runcit to try your luck. You try to win some from Suanie's contest. The latest instant noodles craze to hit the Malaysian market that has been driving folks from all walks of life to hunt high and low for them (and then post pictures of their meals on Facebook).

Penang white curry instant noodles, via Poslaju from Ipoh.
MyKuali's Penang white curry instant noodles, the answer to your white curry cravings. The demand for it has hit an all-time high now, thanks to all the viral postings on social media, coupled with the slow supply chain from the factory in Bukit Mertajam, has resulted in the scarcity of this product in the market. Last time I checked, they have plans to expand distribution to large hypermarkets such as Tesco and Giant by the middle of 2014. For the time being now, it can be found in smaller sundry shops, mostly in the northern states. Some say they even spotted NSK supermarket chains and KL Sogo carrying them, but I cannot confirm this as I didn't check those places out. I have seen the dried meat shop Oloiya selling them too, but at a much higher price of RM 12 for a pack of 4.

So what is making this particular brand of curry noodles so popular? I had asked myself that very same question, and then one day I was on Skype with a friend in Ipoh, and she offered to Poslaju a pack of the noodles to me, as a new year gift. I have such awesome friends :)

Back to what is making this brand so special. I did some research and discovered the owner of the brand had wanted to bring one of Penang's most loved hawker fare to the world, and Penang white curry instant noodles was born. Besides the white curry noodles, the company also carries a variety of cooking paste, and has plans to introduce other instant noodles flavour such as the Penang Hokkien mee and Penang Tom Yum noodles to the market.

It was also rated the 7th spiciest noodles, as rated by The Ramen Rater. After that, as they say, it was history. The demand has since been overwhelming, supply cannot keep up, resulting in some merchants jacking up the price of the noodles (RRP RM 6.90 for a pack of 4) trying to cash in on the sudden hype of things. If you have the patience, I suggest you wait it out for a few months, no sense getting ripped off by these greedy merchants.

What's in the packaging? Chilli paste, seasoning powder, and non-dairy creamer.
So what can you expect from this brand of instant noodles? I discovered that the noodles were a little wider than your usual Maggi instant noodles, and was actually springier (toing-toing). There was a pack of chilli paste, a pack of seasoning powder, and a pack of non-diary creamer for the soup.

Cooking instructions are simple, much like how you would cook Maggi instant noodles. Some say the paste is spicy and salty, so I had initially added only one pack of paste into the pot of boiling water (I was cooking for two), but then I discovered one pack of paste wasn't enough, so I ended up using two packs, which was just nice and thank goodness it wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be. 

After adding the seasoning and creamer, the soup did taste quite similar to white curry, but maybe not as thick. Feel free to add other ingredients like cockles, prawns, bean sprouts, pig's blood, whatever suits your fancy to achieve your desired bowl of white curry noodles. I didn't have fresh prawns with me that night, so I added long beans, curry leaves, tofu pok (fried tofu) and hard boiled eggs.

We both enjoyed the noodles, the flavour was there and for me, it wasn't too spicy. It definitely had the white curry flavour, but it also didn't wow my mind. It was a nice to have, but not something I would go all out to hunt. But this is just my take, get yourself a pack and give it a go. It's definitely tastier than your usual Maggi chicken noodles. I'm thinking... maybe if I used santan instead of the provided non-dairy creamer, the taste could be richer (food for thought).

And if you really want to follow their story, my workplace is trying to secure a date for the founder to come for an interview in the radio station I'm working at later this month (if all things go as planned).