Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Not Liking What I See

Image from Wallmart.

This morning, shared the elevator with a neighbour and their daughter. I noticed the young girl was carrying two school bags (one bag pack, one with rollers). The father added that all students these days carry at least two bags to school.

It was bad enough to see the students transition from one bag pack, to carrying the roller bags due to the heavy load of work books and exercise books. And now I see a student having to carry TWO bags to school.

Another time I spoke to another neighbour who pulled his two sons out of vernacular schools, and enrolled them into a home schooling centre. I inquired why, and this was his reply (somewhat, can't recall exact words): "One day my son came home with a score on his exam papers, he scored above 80. But his teacher told him anything below 100 is not good enough. Does that mean every child must score 100 in order to be "good enough"? WHat does that say to the child? That's not how education should be."

Something is seriously wrong with the education system in this country. I am not liking what I see at all.