Monday, March 3, 2014

The Journey 2014

File:The Journey Theatrical Movie Poster(2014 Malaysia Movie).jpg
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The Journey (一路有你) is a Malaysian Chinese film directed by a Malaysian film maker, and distributed by Astro Shaw. The story line is very simple, and very localized, which is probably why it has captured the hearts of many Malaysians young and old.

The story revolves between a father and daughter, daughter and life partner, friendship, culture, traditions, family, heritage, respect and taboos. It speaks volume about Malaysians and our rich culture, spread across different states. Using a few different languages and dialects to deliver the story, any Malaysian will be able to relate to this movie.

On top of that it makes a pretty good tourism video, taking you to places like Cameron Highlands, Penang, and Johor even. Heck, my parents watched this movie before I did even, and kept hampering me to go watch it. And I'm glad I did. You will too :)

If you haven't seen the movie yet, go watch it before it's over. Trust me, you will want to being your whole family. I'll leave you with the final song from the movie 'The Better Half', sang by one of the lead actor Ben Andrew Pfeifer, who plays the gwailo fiancé.

The other two songs in the movie are lovely too, here's the YouTube video for you to enjoy :)