Monday, March 31, 2014

Window Shopping

Hubby and I went window shopping for cars over the weekend, and sad to say, we were kinda disappointed with the two giant Japanese models available in the Malaysian market. But before we go there, we have owned a MyVi since 2008, and it's a really good car.

Economical, zippy, spacious, all the trimmings for a good town-use car, and the price factor is also attractive as it is affordable. Lately we've been thinking of an upgrade, maybe something with a bigger boot space (the MyVi boot space is small, you can't fit a large suitcase in there). So we thought OK, let's take a look at the newly launch sedans, the Toyota Vios and Honda City. Both are under RM 100K, both seem practical and value for money, let's check them out. Yes I admit the Korean models didn't it our minds first, but we are considering them as well.

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We took a spin on the new Vios G variant, and sadly, it felt like I was in a MyVi (and I was sitting at the back!). Despite the new interior, new dashboard, new exterior... The overall sensation of the car, just felt like I was sitting at the back of a MyVi (my first and foremost thought while on the test drive). I might as well get the 1.5L MyVi, it's cheaper and has the same engine capacity of the Vios. It really really felt like I was in a MyVi which was wrapped in another skin which cost twice as much. Pfffft!

We also asked to test drive the Toyota Altis 1.8L, but the salesperson said that model is not available for test drive, and the Altis V variant has no petrol.

Image from Motor Trader.
Next up, we drove to the Honda showroom and requested for the new City. The test drive car was the V variant, will all the trimmings of 6 airbags and touch-screen panel (the variant before has only 2 airbags. Yes you now have to pay for extra safety features). The steering was very very light, which makes the car very easy to maneuver. The experience only felt slightly better than the Vios, otherwise everything else is pretty much the same. 

Cars cost way too much in this country, and for such a hefty price, you would think car manufacturers will put more goodies in there for consumers (and expect things like airbags to be a given, not an optional feature). Maybe I'm living in a dream world, but to fork out over 100K for a better car, seems ridonculous in this country. 

Le sigh.


silent reader here - consider a kia cerato =) i got mine a few weeks back and it's pretty awesome

you guys are very lucky to have this price for the car. Just think of us across the causeway....$100K for the same car, and the currency is our country's currency, which means it is more than 2.5 times of what it costs in your country. :(