Friday, May 2, 2014

Roasted Milk Tea from Chatime

When Chatime first opened its doors in Malaysia, I brushed it off as another bubble tea craze (if you recall, there was a craze before Chatime/GongCha and all that brand name came about, which didn't last very long). I was never a fan of bubble tea, pearl tea, fruit fusion tea etc. To me there were just pure sugar drinks in bright colours and with chewy black rubbery balls. Yes it's tapioca balls, but the paranoid girl in me has this idea some other ingredients had gone in to make those balls so bouncy.

It was also  because a lot of these beverages came cold, very cold. And ever since I completed my traditional Chinese medicine treatment, my body has been rejecting cold stuff, simply because I had abstained from taking cold drinks during the duration of the treatment. Hence the body had adapted and in the process, rejected cold beverages. I can take tiny sips of chilled drinks, but anything more than a gulp, I start getting cramps in my lower abdomen, and they are not pleasant (trust me, I've experimented).

Even coffee is out, and I used to enjoy getting a cup of white coffee from Old Town for breakfast. I had to abstain from coffee as well, and the result is (and very likely some roast have higher acidity than others), can't really take coffee anymore. I was never a coffee drinker to begin with, but the occasional sips of white coffee and latte was something I had enjoyed in the past. Not anymore.

Anyway, when I discovered that Chatime offered hot roasted milk tea, I decided to give it a shot. The hot drink comes in one size only (500ml) and cost RM 5.90, a steal compared to Starbucks of course. And I like it with slight sugar as it brings out the roasted milk tea aroma. I've tried it without sugar before, taste was acceptable, but I think the sugar adds to the fragrant taste. The body didn't reject it, no pain nothing, so it's a go :) Once a while I do enjoy my cuppa, as long as it is hot (and I don't take anything caffeine after 3pm).


Agreed with you, Chatime Roasted Milk Tea is very different with other bubble milk tea. I am in love with it ever since my first try last year.