Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What Is Happiness?

“Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” ~William Shakespeare

Happiness is merely an emotion. Or is it? What is happiness to you? Is it scoring an A in your examinations? Is it landing the job of your dreams? Is it closing the million dollar deal and securing a big fat bonus at the end of the year? Is it celebrating your birthday with your family and friends? Or is it welcoming a newborn?

I've been having some emotional cycles lately, partly because it's hormonal, and partly because of a decision. I don't really know how things will work out, I can only hope for the best and pray the Gods are willing to look past my faults and give me another chance.

Last week Buddhist devotees celebrating Wesak Day, known as the birth anniversary of Buddha (his real name is Siddharta Gautama). As usual, hubby and I went to a nearby Buddhist lodge in SS 24 to do some prayers. The lodge was already crowded despite it being only 10.30am, and the crowd was expected to swell later in the day.

We made our way to the first floor where the main hall is located, made some donation and said some prayers before heading down to the ground floor. At one end of the lodge is a tall statue of The Goddess of mercy Guanyin. We both said a silent prayer (I had to switch from Cantonese to English because I express myself better in English, hope she understand me) and walked back to the car after. I had a conversation with hubby along the way, and we both shared our prayers, and smiled :)

I'll be honest, sometimes I really don't know what else to believe in anymore. I've been taking everything one day at a time, because that's how it has helped me managed my emotions better. I still have memories of the pain, and that is something I can never wipe away. But I've managed to embrace and accept the pain a whole lot better now, and even if I go through that emotional cycle once in a while, I let it sweep by me, and tell myself this too shall pass. I look forward everyday to new beginnings, and make the best out of everyday with my hubby.

That, is my happiness :) Not forgetting cooking and trying out new recipes ;)