Monday, October 13, 2014

It Happened To Me

I'm usually very careful with my gadgets, as I'm a firm believer that you can usually prevent something from happening if it's within your control, and that you don't create the opportunity for something to go missing.

This time around, I was careless. I let my guard down for a while. And the result? I lost my iPhone 4, a device I've had since 2010. Granted the phone is over 4 years old, its processor is lagging, it can't update to the latest iOS 8, and it's value in the market is almost zero. But it wasn't so much of losing the phone that made me upset, it was how I lost it.

I was in the fitting room in H&M, 1Utama. And I was in the middle of texting my hubby as he was waiting for me somewhere else, and because reception was so bloody bad in the fitting room, I left the phone on the stool so that I could hear it when text notifications come in. I thought I had dropped the phone back in my bag after using it, but I guess I got careless and didn't check properly. I walked out of the fitting room to get something, and realized my phone wasn't with me (and all this happened in the span of 5 minutes max). I ran back into the fitting room and asked the guy manning the counter, if anyone had returned a phone - To which he said NO. I knocked on the fitting room door I was using previously and asked the lady inside, she too said NO. I asked two more fitting rooms side by side (just in case I got the wrong room), and both also said NO.

When I caught up with hubby, we tried calling the number, sure enough, the phone was shut off. I went back home immediately, logged into my iCloud account, and set the phone to erase remotely (the moment the phone is turned on and with data, it was set to erase). I was very upset that it happened to me, and how it could've been prevented if I was just a bit more careful and on guard. Later I would discover that my colleague and her friend also lost their smartphones in the same manner, also in H&M outlets in the city.

Note to self: Always put the phone back in your bag, and zip the bag. Never rush.

Anyway, I had been playing with the idea of switching to a bigger smartphone recently, I just didn't expect to get one so soon. I was actually going to wait for the iPhone 6 Plus, but after discovering the exorbitant price tag (it will cost me over RM 3,000 for the iPhone 6 Plus, 64GB), I decided I'm not going to spend my money on the iPhone, and switch to getting an Android. I consulted my colleague who does a lot of reviews on gadgets, and made my decision to get the OPPO Find 7 :) Plus point was that I got it at dealer price (which includes a white flip case), and it's an early birthday gift from hubby :) I'm still tinkering with the device as it's full of features (makes the iPhone kinda meh in more ways than one haha!), check out their global site for more info.