Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Recreating The Green Fingers

Went to Bosko Centerpoint BU for lunch the other day, and came across a very simple lunch on their menu. It's refreshing, simple, and taste great. This is what a good pizza should be, nothing fancy, just a good dough, a good sauce, cheese and some greens to add flavour. And after having it, I decided to try to make it at home, using tortilla wraps.

OK, so mine had more cheese and the arugula leaves were bigger, but it still taste just as great, if not better :D

Tortilla wraps (or you can make your own dough)
Pitted black olives, sliced
Pasta sauce (I used the one I bought from Marks & Spencer)
Feta cheese (crumbled). 
Mozzarella cheese
Arugula or rocket leaves for garnishing

On a tortilla wrap, spread the pasta sauce on it using a spoon. Scatter the black olives and feta cheese on the wrap, and then the mozzarella cheese on top. Bake until cheese melts or golden brown, then scatter the leaves on top and serve. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Giving Fat A New Meaning

I rest my case :)

Grumpy Oli

I've been grumpy lately. And reading the many news and headlines whether from Facebook or from tweets, isn't helping much. In fact, they only make me grumpier.

Reading about how our government is spending tax payers monies freely and not having a care to be accountable for it.

Renaming main roads because DBKL says so (which I think doesn't make sense when the original names give the roads so much more character and history, but what do I know, I'm a pendatang to the government). No positive objective coming from this exercise.

Reading about certain NGOs screaming bloody murder about how a certain race is being marginalized and needs constant crutches from the government to stand up even after 57 years of independence. I for one cannot fathom how that race, which forms 60% of the population, can be marginalized, when there are plenty of incentives for them to utilize out there, where else the other races cannot even qualify for those incentives simply because of our skin colour and ancestral background. And when they cannot get jobs, cannot get loans, they find it easier to blame others other than themselves. They blame others for "stealing" from them. They blame others for taking what they think is their entitlement. Friend, no one in the world has entitlements, you fucking work for what you want. Only the lazy ones will blames others for what they don't have, and you are a lazy one. You're just afraid you cannot compete with the real world, so you rather shroud yourself and shroud others, on the pretext of "defending". When the actual fact is, you are afraid of life itself. Boo-yah.

I'm taking a break from all this nonsense.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Of Broken Bones and Breaking Spirits

It's been almost a month since my last blog post, and I'm guilty of not updating my blog as frequently as I used to. It's been quite a year for me, some rough patches in between, which kinda made me want to just disconnect and reconnect with myself all over again.

The months of this year has been somewhat kind and unkind to me. I've had to deal with my inner demons again, sometimes losing, sometimes winning. It's been a struggle I have to admit, and it won't get any easier at all. I just have to find ways to deal with it better. I'm glad to say that most of the time, after a good cry, I jump right out of it. A small percentage of the time, I wallow in my own misery which I've constructed, and just need to take some time off for myself, have some quiet moment to relish, shut everyone out for a while, and lay low.

The crazy sibling has moved in to my house, and she herself is going through a rather rough patch, and is in need of family right now. I could use another maid and cook in the house HAHAHAHA! Anyway, a couple of weeks back, I had received a phone call during lunch hour that the crazy sibling had suffered an injury during her crossfit challenge, and was admitted to the private medical centre in Manila. During one of the challenges, she had suffered a broken upper right arm (broken humerus bone), and because of the injury, the doctors must conduct surgery on her as soon as possible.

I lost my lunch appetite after that phone call. I called my parents to break the news (they were calm about it as I assured them I will handle things, and the crazy sibling was not alone as her friends were with her, and her estranged husband also flew to Manila as well to make sure things are OK. I had thoughts about flying to Manila as well, but hubby suggested that I stay in KL to help coordinate things (digged up her insurance policy etc and sent necessary documents over).

The surgery took a whopping 6 hours, from the initial 3 hours (which made me worry so much I was in tears a few times). Eventually the crazy sibling was discharged a couple of days later, and I sent my other younger sibling to Manila to bring her home. I could not tell you enough the relief I had the moment they stepped into the car when we picked them up from the airport (yes, now we can laugh about it).

I'm just glad the crazy sibling is OK. She's in high spirits and recovery is going along nicely, although the numbness she is feeling on her right arm is common due to the nature of the injury. She wants to be called Robocop now, so I just layan her lah.