Monday, December 22, 2014

Japan 2014

We went back to Tokyo for the second this, and it was the best last minute decision we made. I badly needed a holiday to get away from all that emotional stress, I had not thought of Tokyo due to the last minute planning, was afraid we may not be able to secure accommodations due to the peak season. But lo and behold, luck was on our side, and I managed to secure a decent room for 8 nights via

Hotel MyStays Ueno-Iriyaguchi was a decent place, newly renovated in April. Prices were reasonable by Japanese standard (about RM 350/night), clean and it had everything to make things comfortable. Plus point for the little kitchenette and small storage room which meant we can keep our luggage inside (instead of occupying floor space), and cook very light meals indoors. It's also a 5-min walk to Ueno Station, which had many train lines passing through, making it an ideal location to get to anywhere in Tokyo via train.



Thoroughly enjoyed the trip. We walked so much till our feet hurt, enjoyed so much Japanese food and morsels till our stomachs thanked us. Basically we just walked and soaked in Tokyo for it it gave us. I came home with some new clothes which I picked up rather cheaply as well (if you know where to buy, things need not be expensive in Tokyo). Plus Uniqlo is cheaper there, which makes me angry that Malaysia is actually quite an expensive country to live in if you're Malaysian. 

Our next trip to Japan, will be to other places and prefecture. Tokyo, thank you for the good holiday, you never disappoint! :D