Friday, January 2, 2015

Bacon Wrapped Tofu

In case you're wondering about my obsession with bacon, no it's not an obsession. It's just that each time we replenish our bacon stock, we buy 1KG and then split the strips into several packets (between 4 to 6 strips, depending on the size) and store them in the freezer. One packet is one serving, which makes it easier for us to thaw the strips for meals.

This is one recipe I picked up while vacationing in Japan this year. Full of protein and taste absolutely delicious (it's bacon, come on). Get the more solid tofu makes that don't break so easily. The Japanese TV programme actually used smaller cuts of tofu, so they had actually wrapped the whole tofu up within the bacon itself. I had cut the tofu into thicker strips.

Japanese tofu (get the harder kind, they don't break so easily)
Bacon strips
Toasted white sesame seeds for garnishing

Cut the tofu into 1.5cm strips. Pat dry the tofu with some kitchen towels to absorb the excess water. Leave the tofu on kitchen towels for at least 30mins, to less water the tofu has the easier it is to handle it. 

Wrap them up with bacon strips and fry them in a bit of oil to brown the bacon. You can also cut the tofu up into smaller cubes and wrap the bacon all round to get a little bacon ball. Use medium heat to cook the bacon, that way they don't get charred too fast. You want the bacon to be cooked and crispy, not charred. Sprinkle some sesame seed on top and serve.