Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Robata Monkey @ Jaya One

For our 10th ROM anniversary this year, I suggested to hubby we head over to this new Japanese establishment in Jaya One for some grilled seafood.  From the same people behind Kissaten @ Jaya One, now they bring you Robata Monkey. This is an excerpt from the Facebook page:

Robata Monkey is a robatayaki style izakaya. We serve a careful selection of local & imported Japanese fresh seafood, juicy meats & seasonal vegetables grilled over an OPEN SANDPIT HEARTH. This cooking method is keeping with the traditional robatayaki style, which originated in rustic farmhouses throughout Sendai.
And yes, this is the actual sandpit with my salmon belly cooking there. I was standing behind the counter and I could feel the intense heat from the sandpit already, so you might not want to sit at the counter lest your mascara stands melting while you wait for your meal.

Let's go to the food. During lunch they have a selection of set lunches which will go down well for the working class around Jaya One, as it provides you with a full bento lunch set for a reasonable price. If you are more adventurous, go for their ala carte stuff.

As their menu says, Robata Monkey specializes in izakaya style, which in Japan means small establishments which serve you small bites and beer to go along with the food. Except for this case in Robata Monkey, you can opt for full bento sets when available (and the sets are generous).

Clockwise from left: Tune cheeks (sushi), sabayaki bento lunch set, ebi tempura, kakiage tempura (mixed vegetables tempura), grilled salmon belly, grilled unagi.

Price point is slightly on the higher side (unagi is RM 48), but the food quality does make splurging once a while worth it. Our total bill came up to about RM 130 for all you just saw in the picture above.