Thursday, June 18, 2015

Franco @ 1Utama

From top left clockwise: Lobster bisque pasta, signature French toast, spaghetti yumeina, macha souffle, squid ink rice.
Where I work, management has given each team a quarterly budget, to be used as an incentive to bring everyone out for a good makan session, and just get away from the office for a while. This quarter, just before the fasting month kicked in, I brought this incentive up to my team and said "Let's go MAKAN!"

We decided to head to Franco @ 1Utama (formerly known as Miam Mian), a French-Japanese cafe with a charming ambiance and fusion food. Reading the reviews online also helped us decide on the location.

The lobster bisque pasta was delicious, flavourful and seasoned nicely. Did you say lobster? GST-exempt?! That's not lobster meat on top of the pasta, that's just one large tiger prawn. The other pasta dishes we had were also quite unique in its flavour, although I found the tomato based pastas a little sweet for my liking. The squid ink rice was rather different, wasn't sure what sort of rice they used to make the dish. Good thing I wasn't wearing black that day.

For dessert, I ordered their signature French toast and macha souffle, and both didn't disappoint. I especially liked the macha souffle, left a really warm feeling in my tummy.

The overall experience in Franco is good, though I have to caution you, the prices there are a little on the steep side for pastas (RM 25 and above). The lobster bisque paste was RM 38++, and desserts were above RM12. Fortunately, they too offer lunch sets on weekdays to attract the working crowd, and at RM19.90++ for the lunch set (one main + one drink), I think that's pretty decent considering the rise in living cost these days (that's another story altogether).


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